Friday, March 11, 2016

Locals Love It: Rosemary's Kitchen

Written by Tori Ward, Marketing/PR Assistant

Rosemary's Kitchen | Ruston, LA
In continuing with our "Locals Love It" series, we're spotlighting a local, family-owned restaurant that people haven't been able to stop talking about since it opened its doors in September 2012. 

Rosemary's Kitchen has quickly become a beloved eatery in Ruston. With its unique atmosphere, creative dishes, and stocked grocery, locals can't seem to get enough of this incredible lunch spot. 

Locals Love the Homey Atmosphere

Rosemary’s Kitchen is not your typical eatery. Located in a converted home on Bonner Street, this restaurant has character and charm for days. Rosemary’s is owned and run by mother-daughter duo Rosemary Thomas and Sara Corley, and that strong family connection is reflected in the atmosphere of the restaurant. 

With framed family photos on the walls and rustic touches everywhere, you feel as though you’re visiting a family member’s home for lunch. Locals find that it's the perfect atmosphere for a cozy lunch date, a casual business meeting or a relaxed meal with friends. 

Fresh shrimp tacos at Rosemary's Kitchen
Locals Love the Creative Menu
Here’s the unique thing about Rosemary’s Kitchen, their menu changes weekly. They always offer their seven delicious sandwich options, which you can get on a croissant or in a wrap. Additionally, there are three different dishes offered every day, including one vegetarian option. This is where things get innovative and absolutely delicious. The mother-daughter duo take traditional family recipes and add new flavors that take the dishes to a whole new level. 

Some recurring favorites are the shrimp and grits, creamy tomato soup with a triple grilled cheese, and various fresh tacos and paninis. They also offer a tasty homemade dessert every day for lunch. Rosemary’s Kitchen prides itself on the use of fresh ingredients, and you can tell just by looking at the food how incredibly fresh all of their ingredients are. Find this week’s fresh menu here.

Rosemary's Kitchen's signature shrimp and grits

Dry goods in the grocery at Rosemary's Kitchen
Locals Love the Gourmet Grocery 
Rosemary’s Kitchen has a great little grocery located inside the restaurant that has tons of local goodies as well as a cooler stocked with homemade items, to-go meals and more.  They also carry various organic brands and items in their grocery. Rosemary’s doesn’t stop there; they even make fresh breads and cookies weekly that are available in the grocery.         

Next time you're in the area, do your taste buds and stomach a favor and visit Rosemary's Kitchen located at 400 S Bonner St. They serve lunch Monday – Friday from 11am-1:30pm and the grocery is open Monday  Friday from 10am-5:30pm. To see photos of what they're serving daily, check out their Instagram and Facebook

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