Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Summer Steals: Thrifting in Ruston

Written by Tori Ward, Marketing/PR Assistant

Let's face it: between travel expenses and high electricity bills, summer can be a financially tight time. We're all looking to save a little cash where and when we can. However, with temperatures constantly on the rise, a new summer wardrobe can feel like its a necessity. If you fall into the category of having a small budget combined with a big desire to freshen up your summer wardrobe, then this is the blog for you!

An often underrated method of saving a little money is to turn to thirifting. Thrift shops are a perfect place to find clothes, shoes, books, movies, and other odds & ends that are in great, if not brand-new, condition. Luckily, there are several thrift and consignment stores in Ruston where you can score some great deals. We've included the best places for thrifting in Ruston below. 

Rolling Hills Thrift Store

Rolling Hills Thrift Store is know for its huge selection and variety of items. Rolling Hills carries everything from clothes and shoes to dishes, children's toys, books, and furniture. Did we mention that the prices are incredible? You can easily leave the store with a whole new outfit and a good summer read for under $10. Another big plus of this thrift store is that it's very tidy and organized. If you're looking for some great thrifting, then Rolling Hills is a must-visit spot. 

Racks upon racks of clothing at Rolling Hills Thrift Store

Grab a summer read from the great selection at Rolling Hills Thrift Store

One Wardrobe
One Wardrobe specializes in "recycled fashion" and carries an impressive assortment of clothing and accessories. While they mostly carry women's fashions, they do have a "for the guys" section as well. If you're looking for more upscale thrifting, One Wardrobe is the place for you. You can find jewelry, shoes, purses, cute tops, and even cocktail dresses. Be sure to check out One Wardrobe next time you're in Downtown Ruston!

One Wardrobe has a great selection of women's shoes 

Find recycled fashions for the guys at One Wardrobe
Cute summer looks available at One Wardrobe

WEAR EVER Resale & Thrift Boutique
Wear Ever is a resale shop that carries a wide assortment of items. Take your pick from clothing, shoes, accessories, furniture, home decor, and other home items. The furniture and home decor selection offers nicer items than you generally see in resale shops. Additionally, Wear Ever has a great selection of gently-worn clothing for every age, even offering some designer-label items. If you're looking to freshen up your summer wardrobe with great pieces at even better prices, visit Wear Ever!

Cute summer outfits available at Wear Ever
Great selection of purses and accessories at Wear Ever

Furniture selection at Wear Ever 

Next time you're in Ruston be sure to check out these great thrifting spots where you're sure to find some awesome items without breaking the bank. Happy thrifting!

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