Monday, January 9, 2017

Molly Meets Ruston: From Mississippi to Louisiana

Written by Molly Coleman, Marketing Assistant 

Hi Everyone! My name is Molly Coleman and I am a brand new resident of not only Louisiana but of the most amazing small town in the piney woods of Ruston! Before moving here, I knew nothing at all about this charming town I have chosen to call home for so many wonderful reasons.

I can’t wait to tell you what qualities led me to calling Ruston my new home, but first I would like to tell you a little bit about where I came from and what led me to Choosing Ruston. I was born and raised in the small, but growing town of Oxford, Mississippi, the home of Ole Miss, and a very historic square with lots of local charm. After high school I moved to Starkville, Miss. and attended college at MSU. I got married and moved back to Oxford, Miss. where my husband and I both grew up. Living in Oxford and Starkville definitely had its differences, especially with their long history of competition. But both of these charming college towns shared two important factors: Community Involvement and Southern Hospitality. These two traits is what made it so easy to call both Oxford and Starkville home to me.

Just a few short weeks before we packed up and moved to Ruston! 

So now I know you are wondering how my husband and I ended up from Mississippi to Louisiana and why we chose Ruston. My husband was offered advancement in his career and that meant re-location to southern Arkansas. I will be completely honest with you, when he informed me we would be moving, I cried. Leaving Oxford was not in my plans. After days and hours of researching communities close to where his office is located, I stumbled upon Ruston and this exact Experience Ruston blog and the Experience Ruston Facebook page. This accidental stumble led me to choose living in Ruston.

As I came down for multiple visits during the months we were given to prepare for the move, I noticed these same traits of Community Involvement and Southern Hospitality in Ruston as I experienced in Mississippi. It suddenly made me feel this was the right place to call home. Not only did I experience these qualities then, but I have seen them in the few short weeks we have been living here. As we have joined this community we have been taken in with open arms by every local business we have encountered and by every individual that we have crossed paths with.

Findings of a really unique wall at Sundown Tavern!
Exploring Downtown Ruston! 

I not only love the small town charm that comes with Ruston’s local eateries, shops and the beautiful downtown area. But I also love to see the community come together for their local events and the support of the universities in town.

Follow me as I meet Ruston, watch me grow with the community as I plunge in and fully involve myself with all aspects of this incredible community. I cannot wait to attend events, shop, dine and cheer on the Universities in Ruston. As 2017 gets started, I am extremely anxious to dive in, and to fully experience Ruston!

Meet me in Ruston!

Molly is an original native of Mississippi and a proud current resident of Ruston, LA! Molly is a coffee addict and a self-proclaimed foodie. She loves running, traveling and college football. Molly is passionate for local charm and bringing others to love #RustonLA. 

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