Friday, December 20, 2013

Weekend Events in Ruston-Lincoln Parish!

Friday, December 20 – Sunday, December 22

It's five days til Christmas and we're sitting at 70 degrees! You have to love Louisiana! Good news for you sports fans. This weekend is filled with basketball action! And just a reminder, the Lincoln Parish CVB will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday for the holidays!

Get out and support the Lady Techsters as they take on the Trojans!
6:30pm at the Thomas Assembly Center

Rock out with Chasing Daylight featuring Brandon Waters!
9:00pm at Portico 

Come see Santa in Downtown Ruston every Saturday until December 21st. 
Cancelled if there's rain.
10:00am-2:00pm in Railroad Park

Christmas Farm & Art Market
Bring the family out for some fun and finish up your Christmas shopping!
10:00am-2:00pm at Briarhill Farms 

Get out and support the Lady Techsters as they take on the Trojans!
1:00pm at the Frederick Hobdy Assembly Center

Check out the Lady Techsters dominate the court! 
2:00pm at the Thomas Assembly Center
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Friday, December 13, 2013

Weekend Events in Ruston-Lincoln Parish!

Friday, December 13 – Sunday, December 15

Another chilly Friday for us! Get out and celebrate Christmas in Ruston and Lincoln Parish with these holiday festivities! 

Come check out this annual Christmas concert! Events is free to attend with donations accepted for CCA & Toys for Tots.
7:30pm at the Dixie Center for the Arts 

This performance is an excellent way to see scenes from great operas and musicals! It's also free to the public!
Friday & Satruday
7:30pm at Howard Auditorium at LA Tech

Relay races, pit bike race, auction and food 
and drinks! Get there early and ride to dark!
Saturday & Sunday
7am-6pm at Dirt Slinger's Track

Lots of floats, lots of candy and fun for the whole family!
10am in Downtown Grambling

Come check this production, a gift to the community by the choirs of Temple Baptist Church and Zion Traveler Baptist Church!
Saturday & Sunday at Temple Baptist Church

Come check out this Christmas celebration present by the Chancel Choir of Trinity United Methodist Church!
8:30am at Trinity United Methodist Church 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Travel Tips

  Oh, sweet Christmas time! For some, this means pleasant evenings at home with loved ones, and for some others, it means packing up the crew and hitting the road (or sky) to visit friends and family. As you prepare for your holiday travels, keep in mind these few tips for a safe and enjoyable trip!

Plan ahead. Make sure your vehicle maintenance is up to date and ready for traveling in winter conditions. Map your route in advance and be prepared for busy roads. Do research and find alternative routes if intense traffic will make your trip too overwhelming. Scheduling ahead is also the best way to ensure better air fares when flying.

Give yourself plenty of time. Be flexible to avoid stress. Leave before peak traffic hours. If you travel with children, take into consideration the necessary pit stops. If you’re flying, give yourself a good 2 hour window for baggage checks and security lines.

Stay fresh and alert. Take plenty of breaks and DO NOT push yourself to meet an unrealistic schedule. Share the driving responsibility, when possible. If you get tired, pull to a rest area and nap or stretch your legs. Driving requires your full attention so pull off the road to use your GPS or cell phone.

Keep your speed down. Especially in winter conditions, you’ll need a proper amount of time and distance to react to the traffic around you. Stay in control and let the impatient, aggressive drivers go around you. Unlike them, you gave yourself plenty of time.

Stay connected. Download the latest travel apps before your leave home. Flight Status and GateGuru are perfect for keeping up with airport delays, security line lengths and more. GasBuddy finds the cheapest place to stop for gas, and SitOrSquat locates the cleanest restrooms.

Pack light. Make sure there is extra room in the trunk for the Christmas gifts your family will be bringing home. Flying? Avoid even checking a bag if you can and ship gifts ahead of time to avoid TSA rifling through your neatly wrapped gifts and packages. Also, if you can’t afford to lose it, don’t even bring it with you.

Bring earplugs. Pack some for yourself; pack some for the kids. It’s the best way to escape stressful surroundings whether you’re in a busy airport or sitting through Kidz Bop renditions of Justin Bieber and Katy Perry songs.

Don’t go hungry. When you’re hungry, you’re irritable and can’t think properly. Eat before you hit the road or board the plan. And don’t forget to pack snacks for later. Nuts and dried fruits are perfect.

And here are a few from my personal experience. 

You’re welcome.
  • TSA agents do not speak sarcasm. Don’t be a smartypants. 
  • If you feel sick on the plane, ask for a drink that’s half ginger and half club soda to relieve nausea.
  • Keep in mind that budget hotels almost always offer free wi-fi. And luxury hotels almost always charge you for it.
  • Ladies, decide to either wear black or brown, and then plan your outfits around one pair of shoes. Yes, you read that correctly. And make sure they’re comfortable shoes. This makes packing so much easier.
  • I do not have children, but I have traveled with them. Don’t forget the DVDs, CDs, puzzles, coloring books, etc for constant entertainment.
  • If you’re traveling alone (or with someone who shares your taste), go to your local library and check out some books on CD. A good “read” is perfect for a few hours on the road.
  • Did you pack your cell phone charger? Go check again.

Any tips you'd like to share? Post them in the comments!
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Friday, December 6, 2013

Weekend Events in Ruston-Lincoln Parish!

Friday, December 6 – Sunday, December 8

Happy Friday everyone! It's time for more holiday festivities in Ruston and Lincoln Parish! Don't let the weather get you down, we have an event filled weekend ahead!

Presented by the Ruston Community 
Theatre and the Lewis  family, this production is sure to boast your Christmas spirit!
Fri. & Sat., 7:00pm
Sunday, 2:00pm

Have you even started Christmas shopping? 
Get out and get started at the craft show!
9:00am at the Scott Hamilton Warehouse

Local vendors are showcasing their best 
holiday items. Support your community and 
knock out some of those Christmas gifts!
Come see Santa in Downtown Ruston 
every Saturday until December 21st. 
Cancelled if there's rain.
10:00am-2:00pm in Railroad Park

Get out and support the Lady Techsters 
as they take on the Ragin Cajuns!
5:00pm at the Thomas Assemble Center
An evening of family, food and fun! Local 
vendors with handmade gifts, music and 
games for the kids. Plus visiting with Santa!
6:00pm-8:30pm in Choudrant Park

Come out and watch the 
Bulldogs take on the Jaguars!
7:00pm at the Thomas Assemble Center

We hope you've been good this year! 
Bring the kids (and the cameras) out to visit with Santa.
2:00pm-4:00pm at Lincoln Parish Library

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