Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ruston Fall Fashion Guide

Written By Tori Ward, Marketing/PR Assistant

Fall is a time for football, cool weather and all-things pumpkin. But for all the fashionistas out there, this cozy season means a whole new set of stylish clothing options. To kick off autumn, we’ve put together a fall 2015 fashion guide complete with the latest fall fashion trends and where they can be found in Ruston, La. After visiting three local boutiques and getting their expert fashion insight, it was easy to see this season’s trending colors, styles, materials, shoes and accessories.

Colors/Patterns: Autumn is known for its warm colors, and that is something that definitely translates into fall fashion. Rodéo Boutique, The Fashion of Ruston and Beau Monde Boutique all agree that olive green, deep shades of red (maroon, Bordeaux, etc.) and plaid are going to be the big colors and patterns for fall 2015. Rodéo and Beau Monde also anticipate that tye-dye will be a continuing trend into the fall, and The Fashion has navy picked as a prominent color for the season. Stripes and fall florals will also be great go-to looks this autumn.

Fall floral dress
Rodéo Boutique 
Maroon dress with faux leather jacket
Rodéo Boutique

"There are a lot of trends this fall, so I'm excited to mix and match," said Abbey Bamburg, manager of The Fashion of Ruston. 

Styles/Materials: When it comes to fall styles, there are plenty of trendy options this season. The Fashion and Beau Monde are seeing a big shift toward bell-bottom jeans, although ripped jeans are still a great, stylish option. Not a fan of denim? Have no fear. Everyone agrees that the super-comfy, legging-type pant is still very much in style, especially when paired with a poncho, over-sized sweater or long tunic. 

Black leggings with black&white poncho and booties
The Fashion of Ruston
Plaid shirt with ripped jeans and booties
The Fashion of Ruston

"I love fall fashion! I'm all about some over-sized sweaters and layering," said Katie Bonnette, co-owner of Rodéo Boutique. 

The style trends don't end there. The mock turtleneck is also on the rise, appearing on sweaters, dresses and tops. Another style that everyone agrees is here to stay this season is fringe. Fringe on jackets, fringe on shirts, fringe on shoes; It's everywhere! Fringe is definitely a fall favorite this season. 

Striped mock turtleneck dress
Beau Monde Boutique
Black fringe crossbody bag
The Fashion of Ruston

Rodéo noted another big style trend emerging that has a distinct 90s grunge feel. Harness your inner Alanis Morissette and tie your plaid shirt around your waste, the fashion world has given it the green light once again. 

Casual gray shift dress with plaid shirt
Rodéo Boutique

Two trendy materials that you'll see this season are suede and crêpe (which is a silky-like material). While suede jackets and pants are super-stylish, they can get rather warm. If you're dealing with Louisiana heat and still trying to rock fall styles, try a pair of suede shorts. 

Black crêpe top with suede shorts and booties
Beau Monde Boutique

Shoes: The stylish shoe for this season was a pretty easy pick because there was a complete consensus from all our fashion experts. BOOTIES WITH EVERYTHING. Everyone agrees that booties are ideal because you can pair them with pretty much any fall look. Don't be surprised if you see a trendy trifecta of suede, fringe booties; they're very in right now. Rodéo has also noticed that socks are sweeping the fashion world. It's super cute and trendy to have fun socks peeking out of the top of your boots, even when wearing shorter boots. 

Black lace-up booties
The Fashion of Ruston
Cream fringe booties
The Fashion of Ruston

"Honestly, I'm not a huge fall fashion person. But with this year's trends, it's the first time I've been excited about it," said Whitney Hovey, owner of Beau Monde Boutique. 

Accessories: All girls know that accessories can make or break an outfit. Bulky jewelry is out and delicate, dainty jewelry is in. Long necklaces with leather tassels or a simple natural stone at the end are taking over. Also, layering a few delicate necklaces of varying lengths is a big look right now. For a more chic look, go for gunmetal and rose gold jewelry. As far as handbags, stick to over-sized bags in neutral colors. 

Ruffled-top socks
Rodéo Boutique
Navy accessories, Kendra Scott jewelry
The Fashion of Ruston

We want to thank Rodéo BoutiqueThe Fashion of Ruston and Beau Monde Boutique for their expert fashion advice. All three of these local boutiques will be participating in the upcoming Ruston Fashion Week on Oct. 5-10. Check back on the blog next week for more information about all the fun, fashionable events happening during Ruston Fashion Week. 

Tori Ward is a proud Louisiana native, born and raised in Shreveport, La. She is an LSU alumna and has a passion for all things PR. Tori is an avid movie watcher, coffee fanatic and lover of the outdoors. She is currently attending Louisiana Tech to pursue a master’s degree in business administration. 


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