Monday, January 11, 2016

A Taste of Mardi Gras in Ruston

Written By Tori Ward, Marketing/PR Assistant 

photo via Instagram @socialbitesofruston
Mardi Gras season, built on long-standing traditions, is a time of continuous celebration. No Mardi Gras season in Louisiana would be complete without parades, lavish balls, and, of course, authentic Louisiana cuisine and drinks. 

While Ruston may not be the center of Mardi Gras celebrations here in Louisiana, we still know how to bring Mardi Gras traditions and flair to the area! Below are some local places in Ruston where you can find all the Mardi Gras favorites. 

  • King cakes and more at Social Bites 
    Social Bites offers delicious homemade king cakes, as well as other deserts that put a twist on the traditional king cake. Try their King Cake Bars and King Cake Cupcakes for a different take on this classic Mardi Gras dessert. Order ahead by calling Social Bites at 318-251-2483. 
    King Cake Bars from Social Bites 

  • King cakes at Rosemary's Kitchen
    Rosemary's Kitchen makes king cakes from scratch and has a great variety of flavors available. Try the traditional cream cheese, praline cream cheese, praline, strawberry, strawberry cream cheese, blueberry cream cheese, blueberry or cinnamon sugar. Additionally, this year they are offering a decadent King Cake Cheese Cake. Call in your orders today at 318-202-5951.

    Handmade king cake from Rosemary's Kitchen

  • King cakes at Ponchatoulas
    Cream cheese Sucré King Cakes and Joe Gambino's King Cakes, both of which come straight from New Orleans, are available at Ponchatoulas Restaurant during the Mardi Gras season. King cakes can be purchased during normal business hours. 
    Sucré King Cakes available at Ponchatoulas

  • King cakes at Log Cabin GrillLog Cabin carries Gambino's King Cakes in several flavors including traditional, cream cheese, strawberry cream cheese, blueberry cream cheese, praline, and strawberry. They also have cream cheese Sucré King Cakes available. King cakes may be purchased in the market of Log Cabin during normal business hours.
    Decorate your Gambino's King Cake available at Log Cabin 

  • King Cake Latte at Parish PressIf you're a coffee fan and love the flavor of king cake, then the King Cake Latte at Parish Press will be right up your alley! This delicious, warm drink can serve as your morning cup of coffee or as an afternoon dessert. Don't miss it this Mardi Gras season!
    King Cake Latte served at Parish Press

  • Abita Mardi Gras beverages at PonchatoulasPonchatoulas carries Abita King Cake Soda (nonalcoholic) as well Abita Mardi Gras Bock for those who want to get a sip of Mardi Gras. 
Abita King Cake Soda
photo via Instagram @abitabeer

  • Crawfish at Scott's Catfish The start of Mardi Gras season also means the start of crawfish season this year in Louisiana. Boiled crawfish are back and here to stay at Scott's Catfish in Ruston! Call for pricing 318-232-7500.

Boiled crawfish now available at Scott's Catfish

  • Red beans and rice at Portico 
    While they only serve it as a Monday lunch special, you do not want to miss the red beans and rice at Portico in Ruston. Not only will this dish warm you up, but it's a classic recipe for Mardi Gras season!

    Red Beans and Rice at Portico 

  • Seafood Gumbo at PonchatoulasMardi Gras often falls during the coldest part of winter in Louisiana, which makes hot gumbo a staple during the Carnival season. Ponchatoulas has some of the best seafood gumbo in North Louisiana, so make sure you get yourself a bowl to celebrate Mardi Gras. 
Seafood Gumbo from Ponchatoulas

We hope you try some of these local spots to get your fix of Mardi Gras foods and drinks! Let us know how you celebrate Mardi Gras in Ruston, La.!

Tori Ward is a proud Louisiana native, born and raised in Shreveport, La. She is a Louisiana State University alumna and has a passion for all things PR. Tori is an avid movie watcher, coffee fanatic and lover of the outdoors. She is currently attending Louisiana Tech to pursue a master’s degree in business administration.

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  1. Love Mardi Gras foods. Looking forward for the next year. Great post, by the way.