Friday, January 27, 2017

Molly Meets Ruston: Shop Local Food at Log Cabin

Written by: Molly Coleman, Marketing Assistant 

Everyone in Ruston knows Log Cabin Grill is a tasty treat for all ages. But I have discovered the true gem to this amazing restaurant: the Market inside Log Cabin. I love shopping local, and getting that chance to shop local for good food is even better!

So, I like to call myself a "self proclaimed" foodie, this probably comes from my Italian and Lebanese background where my entire family thinks that their way of cooking is the only way and that every time food is prepared, it is pretty much an eighteen course meal. No food group is skipped over and there is enough food for an army -- this is why I love Log Cabin Market, with so many options to choose from for me to cook!

My husband and I really enjoy grilling out and cooking (especially for sporting events). Since we have moved here to Ruston in the peak of football playoffs, I can honestly say we have been found frequenting Log Cabin Market. I love how quaint and personal the market is, shopping there is such a fun and friendly experience!

I am going to share a few of my favorite aspects of this local market, but these few things do not even touch how much more they have you will HAVE to go and check out!

With every good food gathering, an appetizer is a southern stable! Log Cabin has great snacks for all like boudin, sausage, crackers & dips and much more!

Spices, Herbs & Sauces
I know they say if the meat is cooked right you don't need any sauce, but I beg to differ after you see the collection of sauces and spices Log Cabin has to offer. Choose from spices & seasonings to prepare your fresh meat with or jams & sauces for all your dipping needs.

This is a small portion of all of the sauces and jams they have to offer at Log Cabin Market! 

Fresh Meat
Where to start on this?! This is usually my husband's department, but every time we go in to Log Cabin Market we end up discussing what to cook/grill because there are so many options that will make your mouth water! You can chose from beef, pork, chicken and seafood, with multiple variations of each. They have kabobs with veggies, stuffed seafood and pre-seasoned meats if you don't want to battle finding a good rub or marinade!

With social gatherings and cooking out, there is always a good cocktail! Visit Log Cabin Market to find all the drink mixes you can imagine! 

Yummy Drink Mixes. They also have daiquiri options and more! 
As if this isn't enough, check out what they have for breakfast, baked goods, their take and bake freezer and gluten free items!

With Louisiana Tech spring sports and events, the Superbowl and warm weather 
just around the corner, check out Log Cabin Market for all your food & fix-in's!

Log Cabin's rows of goodies and their check-out counter! 

Molly is an original native of Mississippi and a proud current resident of Ruston, LA! Molly is a coffee addict and a self-proclaimed foodie. She loves running, traveling and college football. Molly is passionate for local charm and bringing others to love #RustonLA. 

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